Self-Reflection is an Act of Courage.

Dr. Perri Franskoviak

We may discover unexpected sources of strength and resilience within ourselves when we engage in self-reflection. We also risk discovering things that we wish to keep hidden. It is the balance between the two that creates hope for change for ourselves.

I believe that no sustained change can take place outside the context of a relationship. First, we’ll build our foundation together by taking time to assess whether we are a good fit. Do I have the skills and warmth to help you settle into a process of self-exploration? Once we decide to move forward, I will work with you to uncover those parts of yourself and your experience that you may not yet be aware of. Together we will blend them with what you do know to help you create the kind of change that is meaningful for you.


What About Drugs & Alcohol?

One of my areas of interest and expertise is in working with individuals who use alcohol and other drugs. People use drugs and alcohol for many reasons, and they are often considered a resource by those who have more than a passing acquaintance with them. My primary lens in working with drug users is harm reduction. This means that I do not require that you stop using in order to access my support. You’re in charge of your drug and alcohol use, and I will facilitate a process by which you and I can get curious together about how and why you use, and what kind of change, if any, makes the most sense for you.

©Perri Franskoviak

Traumatic Experiences of Overwhelm

Another area of interest and experience is working with those whose lives have included episodes of traumatic experience. Sometimes these episodes are shorter in duration, such as a car accident that shatters our confidence in our safety in the world. Sometimes the experience takes place over a longer period, such as childhood or adult experiences of abuse or neglect. Sometimes we experience both types of traumatic overwhelm. Whether shorter or longer, these experiences impact how we see ourselves and, significantly, how we trust in ourselves and others. Words are never enough to reach the places where we feel the most hurt. I also incorporate body awareness along with mindfulness practices to help you build resources that will help you manage experiences of overwhelm moving forward.

©Perri Franskoviak